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U.S. Citizen Services

List of Hospitals and Physicians

Updated: March, 2015

The American Embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria assumes no responsibility for the professional ability or reputation of the persons or medical facilities whose names appear of the following list.  It is provided as a convenience to American citizens in Bulgaria and in no way constitutes an official recommendation by the U.S. Government or its representatives.  All practitioners listed individually speak English.

When a tourist is in need of medical assistance, the receptionist of the hotel or the landlord of a private room can call a doctor from one of the local polyclinics.  For an Ambulance, call 112.  As in the big cities it may take up to 35 minutes (or more) for the ambulance to come, if there is a real emergency and you are in Sofia, call a taxi and ask to be taken to "Pirogov" (the best hospital for emergency cases). If you are outside of Sofia, call a taxi and ask to be taken to the emergency unit of the local regional hospital.